The Birthday Party

My mom and dad just returned home to Canada from their latest trip to Guatemala, and one of the highlights they shared was so awesome.

In the small village of Tactic where they serve, there is one tiny retirement home. Just 7 or 8 residents. The conditions are pretty bad. Most of the residents don’t know their birthdays or last names. Mom and dad threw them a birthday party! Mom made a huge birthday cake (which you know was amazing if you know my mom), and they brought party-favors and noise makers … and joy-unspeakable-joy erupted.

One of the residents was blind and simply couldn’t get enough of the cake and icing, licking her fingers, the plate, the utensils until no trace was left … and so, mom and dad just kept putting a fresh piece in front of her, which she ate with abandon.

Wish I could have been there!

In my new favorite book (Eager to Love by Richard Rohr), he writes this: “… a fully human love is probably going to do more long-lasting good … than years of formal religious education. I know that to be true from many personal experiences. That is “religionless Christianity,” which ironically might be the most religious of all.”

Mom and Dad, thanks for always offering a fully-human love wherever you go. Love you so much!

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